How to Deal with Overheating Laptops or Notebooks

If you have a laptop or a notebook which shows any of the overheating signs, such as shutdown failures and blue screens, there are a few things that you can do. However, these things usually depend on the faults that your laptop shows. In order to help you with different overheating-related problems, the following lines […]

Top Free Windows 7 themes

Styling your desktop is very easy if you happen to use Windows 7. Microsoft has released many such themes that change the desktop wallpaper and color scheme and occasionally even the screensavers and sounds.Though i spend most of the time filling in latest discount coupons for my vista print and 123print blog i love playing […]

Top 10 Free PC Games 2011

Many people believe that free games presented on the internet contain viruses. Well, some of them do, and most of them don’t. There are several reasons as to why individuals or organizations would decide to come up with free games to present to players on the internet. One of the reasons is publicity. Microsoft for […]

Manage your Windows 7 desktop themes in real time using Aeroblend

Aeroblend is an exciting windows 7 application that manages your desktop themes in real time. It utilizes three different modes to respond to your needs at any given time, and can be turned on and off as simply as switching from mode to mode. Aeroblend works by collaborating with the popular and attractive Windows 7 […]

Apple to come up with Sandy bridge Macbook

There are strong rumors flowing around that Apple is gearing up for a new Macbook Air powered by Intel’s all new ultra low powered Sandy bridge processors. Certain sources say that though everything is in place for the new Macbook Air Powered by Intel Sandy Bridge processors,Apple has delayed it so that they could launch […]

XBOX 360 slim with Kinect makes its way to India!

Xbox 360 slim Review After the great hype and buzz,finally the brand new Xbox 360-s(slim)model is available in India.According to the company officials, the sales of the console is consistent around the globe.The Software Giant has a huge market and potential in the sub-continent.therefore a team of associates are planning to promote the new xbox […]

WRC: FIA World Rally Championship Trailer|System requirement|Release date

WRC: FIA World Rally Championship As the name suggests  WRC: FIA World Rally Championship is a rally game developed by Milestone and Black Bean Games .This is the first official WRC game and was shown in E3 2010 and would be available on all three platforms i.e pc ,xbox 360 and ps3. WRC: FIA World […]

crysis 2 release date

crysis 2 release date:March 22, 2011 A bad news for all Gamers,the most anticipated first person shooter crysis 2, which was expected to release in the third quarter of this year has been rescheduled to march 22 of 2011. EA announced the change of release date in the Gamescom 2010 ,saying the game has been […]

MSi GT 660 Gaming Notebook Review

MSi GT 660 Review Gamers good news!! MSI with Dynaudio (a world leader in music and sound systems) designed an ultimate notebook for hardcore gaming enthusiasts called MSI GT 660.Integrating exceptional hardware, the GT660 is the first notebook in the world with MSI’s own TDE+ (Turbo Drive Engine+) technology to enhance processor and display performance. […]

AMD drops ATI brand from FirePro and Radeon: Worst marketing decision ever?

AMD the world’s second largest supplier of CPU and currently largest supplier of GPU has decided to drop it’s GPU brand ATI, which it acquired in 2006. ATI as we know, has the best performing card’s in market followed by NVIDIA. ATI has been in GPU manufacturing since 15 years and has dominated 7 of […]